Shipping Policy

Described below are the site wide shipping policies of which apply to all sales and purchases made on the website. These policies are applicable in addition to the shop level policies as chosen by you, visible on the product description page.

The seller has to ship all his orders through offers fixed shipping rates. Choose a size of the package and receive shipping label on your registered email ID.
1. Shipping fee will be calculated on the bases of volumetric weight (L*B*H cm/5000) or actual weight, whichever is higher.
2. charges fixed category weight for 90% of our categories, ascertained by industry standards. Sellers can find out the weight to be charged for various product categories by selecting any category in the 'Add Products' page of the seller panel. The weight ascertained for each category and the charges due will reflect in the shipping section of the 'Add Products' page on the web and app seller panel.
3. For the remaining 10% categories, you will be charged according to the actual weight of the product which you yourself will have to input. The higher of the two values, deadweight/volumetric versus actual weight will be applicable in this case.
4. If product weight is not input correctly, actual weight as per Courier Company will be used for calculating the freight rate. Sellers will be invoiced for the differential in freight rate and it will also be used as a parameter to downgrade their seller rating.
5. A seller would have to ship the order through by following all the necessary steps :
a. Acceptance of order within 48 hours
b. Creating shipment for each item through by clicking on ‘Ship through’. Seller has to ensure that when he Clicks on 'Ship through', he readies the parcel as his shipment will be picked up by courier companies within 12-24 hours of this action taken on the seller panel and app.
c. In case of shipments that are cancelled post acceptance, due to sellers inability to hand over shipments during pickup, commission as per category is being charged agnostic of the commission plan the seller is on) + GST would be applicable.
d. Generating Pickup and printing all the shipping documents (Invoice, shipping label, manifest)

e. Successful handover of parcel to the courier company